„Much more than a training session!“

My name is Auba, I’m 21 years old and I’m an Erasmus student in Innsbruck. Everyday I wonder what’s so special about this city that makes you never want to leave.


Well, I could tell you a lot of reasons, like its incredible mountains or the charm of the old city, but I would say that my biggest motive is its people.


I’ve always been a sporty girl and when I got to Innsbruck I noticed that although everything was great, I needed to find a place where I could keep fit and feel strong. Suddenly Realfits came into my life, I started with the trial week and after 5 minutes I realized that what Realfits does is magic and that I should belong to this incredible community.


For me, it was not just to improve my physical abilities day by day, but also to improve my level of German and find a group of people who welcomed me as one more and made me feel like at home.


Apart from the incredible and varied sessions that we do during the week, Realfits creates a community by holding different events throughout the year. This makes these people become more than only my Spartan partners, they  become my friends. 

Jetzt zum Probetraining anmelden!